unlimited points


points up to 1,000,000


on unredeemed points

Big bonuses

Up to 1,000,000 bonus points

That's not a typo.

You can win up to a million bonus points for free. (Official Rules)

Passive income

Points that earn more points.

Your points grow and compound over time.

The Blade card uses fees paid by merchants to reward both the purchaser and the community. As the platform grows, your points will compound on themselves.

Fight shady companies

Your subscription's worst nightmare.

See all of your subscriptions and trials. End them with a single tap.

No need to generate new card numbers. Say goodbye to reviewing statements, hounding companies, and looking for cancel buttons. 

Birds eye view

See where your money went.

Ever wonder how in the world you spent so much money?

Blade's powerful analytics offer insight into where you're spending money.

Covered PurchasesComing Summer 2022

No declines.

Purchases go through even if you don't have enough balance in Blade.

You just need an eligible external linked account. We'll automatically transfer the money and skip the decline.

Credit Coming Fall 2022

Crypto backed USD loans.

Don't sell your crypto. Get USD credit to spend that's collateralized on your holdings.

Pay back within 30 days and get 0% APR.

Useful (!) NFTsComing Autumn 2022

NFT Verification.

Verify NFT ownership by swiping your card.

Are you a business that is looking for a better way to verify NFT ownership? We'd love to work with you!

Business Inquiries


Capture pure upside

$0 / month

1x points on everything

See all of your subscriptions


Earn more rewards

$9.99 / month

1x points on everything

3x points on any category

5x points on subscriptions

See and block your subscriptions

Real love from real people ❤️

Lindsey Bach

“I love Blade almost as much as I love my boyfriend.”

Adam Neuwirth

“As a real customer I can confidently say that Blade is amazing.”

Sheridan Clayborne

“All my boys use Blade. If you don't use Blade, you're not my boy.”

Benjamin Sage
Doesn't use Twitter 🙄

“I guess it's not bad.” (Note: Coming from Ben, this is actually a big compliment)

Cory Levy

“I'd trade my firstborn child for an extra Blade card"

Anonymous YC Partner

“Blade is my 7th favorite YC backed debit card"

Backed by partners you can trust.